Gokberk "faradaj" Ergun

Family first! C'mon fellas!
Software developer.
Fascinated by cinema, music, sports..
Warning: May resemble one of the guys you love/hate and have already drank/laughed/bullshit together.


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  • I've worked on several enterprise software projects using Grails, Spring, Eclipse with various VCSs (Git beats!).
  • I've developed Android applications.
         > Video Downloader (facebook Graph API, admob) (~3M downloads)
         > Fall Detector aka Dusmez Kalkmaz (Senior project with Eray Kocak, turned into an academic paper with great people from Bogazici Netlab and attended PhoneSense 2010 in ETH, Zurich) (ranked #1 in Turkcell's Uygulamalar Yarisiyor app contest, which led to various news, magazine appereances)
         > Social Me, News Me (* in 1 mobile website wrappers, ~30K downloads)
         > Biletino (NFC) (version 1.0 of NFC/web based ticketing app)
  • I've developed indie iOS games.
         > Raging Balls (cocos2d, multiplayer via GameCenter) (serial ball-cut game, like Fruit Ninja with no graphics :)
         > Faraball (box2d, cocos2d, multiplayer via Joypad) (like Haxball on iPad, iPhones as controllers)
  • I've developed indie Android games.
         > Map Race (Google Maps API) (completing real routes using accelerometer)
         > Raging Balls, demo (AndEngine)
  • I'm a beginner, interested in functional programming with Scala and curious about if I'll ever need to study Erlang :).

Cinema & Music & Sports

As it's introduced on the left bar I'm so in love with music, sports and cinema but I need to especially adore some in a page about me. I'm also able to talk about them forever (:

  • Directors: Martin Scorsese, Zeki Demirkubuz, Fatih Akin, Guy Ritchie, Quentin Tarantino, Coen Brothers
  • Movies: Raging Bull, Casino, Yazgi, Short Cuts, The Usual Suspects, Les quatre cents coups, Snatch, Pardon, True Romance, L.A. Confidential, Kader, In Bruges, Glengarry Glen Ross, Bande à part, The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, Little Miss Sunshine, Das Leben der Anderen, Goodfellas, Salò, Reservoir Dogs
  • Music: The Smiths, Rhcp, Duman, Morrissey, Teoman and following up the sound of indie-rock, britpop.
  • Sports: I play billiards, snooker, basketball, football. And I'm interested in all and watch most as I like the idea of gaming.
  • Series: The Sopranos, Kaygisizlar, Mad Men and Ikinci Bahar are looking at many others from the top: "Hey, is it Breaking Bad waving?"

I try to post / talk about things I like in addition to these subjects that couldn't make it here. :)